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Miriam Montenegro

happy art

About the artist

Miriam Montenegro was born in Koblenz in 1968. Her love for languages ​​and creative work first took her to Florence in 1988, where she studied fashion design, and later to the Universities of Mainz and Dijon to study Romance languages. She received painting lessons from the painter Miguelle Padgett for a number of years.
Miriam Montenegro worked as a designer in the fashion industry (button and accessory design) for more than 25 years. All this characterizes her artistic signature.
Since 2019 she continued working solely as an artist.
She has exhibited her artworks internationally and is collected in many countries (Germany, USA, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Ecuador, Japan).
In 2006 she received the culture prize of the city of Bendorf.

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Artist statement

I have a big passion for color and am always looking for its greatest possible effect. Bright, vibrant color combinations have a direct impact on perception and emotion. With them I want to give energy and convey positivity – preferably with oil and acrylic paints.

Even in my job as a button designer, it was always about the effect of structures, materials and surfaces. I have kept up playing with contrasts of material, color, finish and structures. So I like to give plastic waste (e.g. from coffee bags, chocolate foil or cosmetic packaging) a new life in my artworks. In doing so, I keep realizing how beautiful things can be that are made to be thrown away and how little you need for creative expression.

I’m in recording mode all the time. Places and people that surround me, sensory impressions or just things that fall into my hands inspire me.

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