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Miriam Montenegro

happy art


Brilliant colours, atmospheric light and powerful compositions characterize the paintings of Miriam Montenegro.

Like the French Impressionists, the painter likes to capture the light of the moment, going outside with her working materials, painting in front of the subject and thus presenting interpretations of felt moments. In her paintings she reduces the motif to the essentials, the rest is dissolved in color and form. This creates a tense relationship between the representational and the abstract. Her artworks are characterized by clear, generous forms and simple but effective drawing. The arrangements are dynamic and balanced and emphasize vital, exciting color combinations.

In her paintings, the color is applied in layers, cubic light and shadow nuances and subtle translucent effects often arise, a painting changes again and again until the result is there. The themes of the paintings are diverse and usually play a subordinate role. Often the color itself is the theme. In addition to working on her often large-scale expressionist cityscapes in oil, the artist enjoys experimenting with acrylic, ink, markers, stencils and other mediums such as packaging films to create exciting visual worlds.

Miriam Montenegro’s style is equally shaped by head and emotion.

I reduce the motif to the essentials. The rest dissolves in color and shape.




My painting Summer Festival is the cover of the website of the Japanese TV station Fujitelevision. It will be shown on their website alternating with artworks by 4 other artists from April until July 2022.



Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for me to support https://brillenweltweit.de/ in recent years and become a sponsor of the Koblenz project – by buying my art calendars.

The calendar is available every year in art and book stores and can be ordered online via my website.



My paintings were selected for the calendar of a Japanese corporation that produces architectural products.